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KEM is bound to provide world-class MEP solutions based on the client’s requirements and a safe environment across different industries in the UAE.

Our Core Services

Kafa Electromechanical is one of the top companies in the UAE’s growing MEP & LC Engineering and Contracting industry. Residential, Healthcare, Industrial, and Healthcare Facilities are just a few of the many types of projects we have successfully engineered and carried out.



Electrical Services are at
the core of what we do
best. Our electrical
engineers are certified
and licensed experts.



We provide 360 degree
service and support to
provide you with the best
possible performance
from your mechanical



We accomplish all the Plumbing tasks effectively as we have assembled a team with experience and expertise in multiple industries and sizes of projects.



We are also highly capable of providing facility management and maintenance services that will work with you to protect your investment. KEM Trusted by a diverse range of clients, across many business sectors,



At KEM we design and install the Low Current Systems’ infrastructure to meet our customer’s needs by using a computational tools.


Our Skills

Kafaa ElectroMechanical has thrived thanks to the team’s comprehensive knowledge of the design and construction of educational and industrial sites. Our team’s expertise shines throughout every stage, from design review and project management to the handoff of deliverables. In addition, our top engineers and technicians have extensive experience managing projects, both in-house and for a wide range of international clients, coordinating the efforts of multiple engineering firms and contractors.




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Kafa Electromechanical (KEM) aims at contributing the best to the construction and maintenance industry in UAE. We provide integrated MEP contracting solutions with our best in-house talents to a wide range of clientele across different sectors

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